Swimsuit Trends That Look Great On EVERYONE

Summer means hot, sunny beaches and days spent lounging by the pool. That means you need to put on a nice swimsuit and look great in it. Choosing the right one can be tough mission, which you need to be prepared for. So, here is a brief look on the best swimsuit trends that will look great on everyone.

Top swimwear trends this year

High-neck tops

high_neck_swim_suitThese high-neck swimsuits are ultra-flattering for all. Show off those shoulders with the high-neck halter top – these are actually the No. 1 bathing suit trend of the year!

Creative cutouts

Generally, wearing a “cutout one-piece” is not encouraging for those who usually like wearing a one-piece, as so-called “monokinis” look like a bikini tied together with random strings that can be a hassle to actually wear. Cutouts suits follow the natural body curves of women, and these suits will stay in place while swimming and splashing around.

Mix and match

Nothing’s better than a new swimsuit! But TWO new swimsuits, FOUR are even better! If you buy two new sets in complementary patterns and colors, then you’ll have a total of four combinations.


Frilly and feminine

High-Waisted-Skirt-SwimsuitRecently, new trends of swimsuits are using lingerie details like sheer panels, pretty Swiss dots, lace edging, and sweet scalloping. You’ll only need to be sure that your swimsuit material isn’t as delicate as lingerie, or it will start melting as soon as you touch the water.

80’s style

Just like in Bay Watch, these suits always look good! For both men and women.

Uniquely utilitarian

These are super simple functional clothing with no frills. They have been trending for a few seasons now, and their swimwear incarnation is beautifully simple, with beautiful small details such as zippers, buttons, or ribbing.

Halter necks

Halter necks is trending now in a two-piece or one- piece suits. The trick is to get it in a bold color rather than a busy pattern.

Full coverage

Long sleeve one piece swimsuitFor ladies who prefer avoiding the sun, a bathing suit with long sleeves is the best choice. This option looks like a bodysuit, and is a practical fashion trend for beach lovers. A high-quality bodysuit with SPF technology will absorb sweat and keep you cool, in addition to the protection from sunburns.

Sporty details

The sporty suit is already considered a stylish option for any beach day. Mesh paneling, color blocking, racerbacks, zippers and more sporty details make the swimsuit look better than you think.

High-rise bikinis

This throwback silhouette is back this season, and it creates an hourglass shape on curvy and athletic body types. It’s also great for concealing love handles and preventing a muffin top!

Off-shoulder or one shoulder

A bikini or one-piece swimsuit can look extra sophisticated by adding a simple asymmetric design or one sleeve addition. To make this suit look even better, try to pair it with a skirt. The one-shouldered swimsuit style is a bold trend that makes a big impact without making you feel weird.

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