The Swimsuit Guide for EVERY Body Type

Having a different body shape can make choosing a swimsuit quite complicated, and sometimes it becomes a frustrating and even traumatic task. So, here is a swimsuit shopping guide for just about any body concern you could have. Whether to conceal cellulite, hide back fat or provide enough support for the girls, this guide will tell you what the best is for you.

The best swimsuit for your body

Ladies with small chests: If you want to look a little bustier in your bathing suit, choose a top with embellishments or ruffles to make your chest look larger. Or you can get a suit with padding in molded cups.

Ladies with huge chests: Obviously, string bikinis and bathing suit tops that come in sizes S, M and L are not a good choice. You need the support of cup sizes and underwire to keep your boobs in place. Also, thicker swimsuit straps and double-stitched bands could give more flattering (and more comfortable!) results.

all body sizes swim dress
Ladies with broad shoulders: Opt for a solid colored suit with some printed panels along the side to create an hourglass figure, or take one with an asymmetrical neckline instead of straight across.

Ladies with flat booties: Choose suits with bottoms in bright colors and loud prints, and showing a little cheek is also recommended to full-coverage bottoms.

choosing a swim suit
Ladies with big butts: Choose a swimsuit with enough fabric in the booty. Look for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops to balance out your big booty.

Ladies with compact, athletic bodies: To give the illusion of more curves, pick a top with cups, padding and ruching, and maybe girlie prints and bright colors.

extra size swim suit

Ladies with love handles: High-waist bottoms are key, it should extend above your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

Ladies with short torso: For balance, you’ll need to add length and lift the bust line, so go for low-rise bottoms to make your torso look longer.

Ladies with back fat: Find designs with thick straps and high backs to smooth your lumps and bumps.

Ladies with short legs: Suits with high cuts in the leg are the best for you. And you can go for a thong for optimal lengthening potential if it does suit you.

Ladies with full thighs: Pick bottoms with some more coverage, like bottoms with a skirt, to hide some of your upper leg.

Ladies with tummy pouch: go for a full-piece with ruching to help to hiding your stomach. Any one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline will keep the focus upwards.

Pregnant ladies: Look for tankinis. They will provide ample wiggle room, sun protection and easy access to your belly. Plus, it’ll be easier to go to the bathroom!

Ladies with cellulite: No matter if you’re slender, curvy, short, or tall, cellulite can always be there. If you can’t learn to love it, look for swim-dresses and tankinis with longer hemlines.

Do you have scars? Find a cropped top if you have scars on your chest, upper back or shoulders. And if you need full coverage while still showing some of skin you can pick suits with mesh insets or interesting cutouts.

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Sun-sensitive ladies: Go for the long-sleeved tops! Rash guards are an effective and stylish option.

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