Solid and striped group

Solid and Striped: A new proposal in swimming suits

Throughout the pass of time, fashion swimming suits come and go as the summer arrives every year. Nobody will wear the same the following year as it will be considered old-fashioned and with lack of style. Yet there is something that has been there for over two years and it is increasing its popularity.

The solid and striped swimming suits came to stay. Everybody, including celebrities are wearing this fashion bathing suit every time they shot a picture at the beach or at their pool’s house. Its unique style and vibrant colors provide the perfect combination that most vacationers are looking for.

Solid and striped group

The solid and striped swimsuits collection is ready to blow your mind as it presents different colors and styles that go beyond regular swimsuits. The new generation of swimming outfits offers a variety of designs accompanied by fashion shapes that adjust to your curves perfectly. Forget about loosen material and poor colors. This is, for sure, your next swimsuit.

Solid and striped is a new swimsuits proposal and gained massive attention when celebrities started showing off their new swimsuits in their Instagram accounts. Nobody knows how this trend started exactly, but something everybody claims is the beauty and glamour that solid and striped suits provide to the ones who chose this style.

For example, in 2016 Olivia Culpo was spotted wearing a Poppy wrap one piece, and Anne Marie showed off her Anne-Marie in her Instagram account. And since several year Taylor Swift organizes her own 4th of July parties, in her Instagram you can find this picture of  Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift being patriotic and wearing the Jane’s Top and Bottom of Solid and Striped.

If we go further, Lea Michele appears wearing a Poppy Wrap in this excellent shot, and Hillary Duff was wearing the Morgan Top and Bottom in a visit to the beach in 2017. Emily Ratajkowski (middle, third picture) appears wearing also a Poppy Wrap, this is definitely one of the favorite pics of the celebrities.

Most Celebrities like it because it is swimming suit that goes against the common outfit and the one-piece that everybody knows. It adjusts to the body and can be found and so many different styles, colors, and brands. No matter the price, material, or designer – you will love it.

Solid and Striped is without doubts, one of the best choices for this year. Flexible and long-lasting. This are two of the adjective used to describe the main characteristics of its construction. Manufactures chose the perfect material to make this collection durable without losing the style. Most of the material used to build these pieces is carefully prepared to be exposed to sand and salty water without presenting any issue.

This summer outfit is not only affordable and easy to find, it is also available in a huge sort of styles and colors. It designs present shapes, figures and colors that other styles are not able to offer. There is no excuse for you to get one.

Your shape will look so fresh and stylish. Forget about the old-fashioned swimsuit and let your body be touched by the glamour of the solid and striped outfit. It is time to give your body something exclusive to wear. Summer is near, and the beach is about to become a fashion catwalk.

Solid and striped swimsuits are here to stay. If you are looking for a new, fresh, soft, and glamorous style, there is no doubt that this outfit is made for you. Do not worry about colors and shapes, solid and striped suits are manufactured thinking about different tastes.

solid and striped one piece

If you are planning your next beach vacation, then you should consider packing a solid and striped swimming suit. This is in fact, the celebrities official beach suit. Just take a look at the Instagram accounts of celebs to realize how this became a crucial part of their closets.

Now book in your favorite hotel, prepare your camera and pack one or two solid and striped swimsuit, and let the summer be part of you. This new trend is more than wearing a piece of cloth, it involves comfort, trend, and style into one piece of bath suit.

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