What to Consider When Purchasing a Swimsuit for Men

When it comes to buying a new swimsuit, we get frustrated sometimes. Which type suits my body better? What should I choose to look really good on the beach! How can I emphasize my body’s qualities and conceal the parts I don’t like? Here’s a quick guide for men to help them choose the best type of swimsuits.

Swimsuit buying guide for men

Personal Preference

The swimsuit you choose reflects your personality. Its colors and print can tell what kind of man you are; solid colors for a conservative man rather than graphic prints, and if you’re not comfortable showing your body too much, it’s better to stay away from briefs and speedos.


The length of your shorts is important; they can make you look shorter than you actually are if you choose the wrong one. The length depends on the style you’d like to get, but you want trunks or board shorts, you should know how much leg you want to show in relation to your height. Taller men can choose longer shorts, while shorter men can add the illusion of height with a shorter length.

a practical guide for choosing swimsuits for men

Color & Skin Tone

The color is always up to you, but you don’t forget to consider your skin tone before picking your suit. For very light skin with red or blonde hair, you can go for a brilliant shade of pastel pink, it’ll look great without too much contrast. Really bright or loud colors don’t look good on light skin, so try a classic navy or royal blue.

For medium or olive skin tone, go for black, rich red or earth tones, those will look great.

For darker skin tones, opt for bright and pastel colors, which will look perfect in contrast to your dark skin. Why not a light blue?

colors swim suit men


Selecting the right material depends on the purpose you’re getting the swimsuit for. Does it stretch? Is it robust? Will the color fade with repeated use or is it durable? Are the material and style suitable for this sport?

If you’re going to be exposed to the sun a lot, nylon and polyester would be good choices. Recently, SPF ratings are added to some swimsuit designs.

If you’re heading to the pool more often, a chlorine resistant fabric is the one for you. Note that Lycra isn’t chlorine resistant. Generally, Lycra swimsuits last for less than 12 months, depending on the quality. But there is a new fabric called Xtra Life Lycra, and it’s supposedly about 10x more durable.

Usually, nylon is fairly light weighted and fits softly. It also doesn’t absorb much water and dries quickly. But nylon doesn’t hold the color for long and lacks elasticity.

Polyester is a substitute to Lycra, it lasts much longer. It’s less soft and flexible though, but it lasts longer.


Whatever bathing suit you choose should fit you right: not too big, not too tight. You should feel comfortable in it. Check the size chart of each brand to find the right size for you, and make sure you try it on yourself!

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