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Choosing Swimwear for Men

In summer, it’s normal for every guy to think about looking good in his swimming trunks at the beach, and what to choose. So, if you want to find the perfect swimwear just in time for summer, here’s our guide to help you get the most out of the swimsuit you’re going to buy. Our guide for choosing swimwear for men.

Swim trunks for men

Swimming trunks are the clothing we think the least about, and we may stick to a single style each season. But it’s good to know that you can enjoy wearing a great pair of trunks, change them every year, and look fashionable, stylish and fabulous for the hotties at the beach or around the pool. So, let’s see how to choose a good one!

If you’re really trying to follow the trend, avoid bright colors and stick to navy or charcoal grey. And keep in mind that you don’t have to stay away from brands, but try not to have large brand symbols or logos on your swimwear. If you buy a brand just because it’s a brand, you lose your personal style and it’s not going to impress anyone. Just make you purchase based on how it fits you, color, length, purpose and your personal preference. Don’t be a victim of ads and brands.

swim trunk for men

Try not to wear a low cut v-shaped vest top. If you want to have some accessories on, opt for a cool watch (waterproof!) and sunglasses. And please: leave the crucifixes and any wooden necklaces or bracelets at home. But you can bring your straw hat, bucket hat or cowboy hat, or even a baseball cap.

Other swimwear for men

Here are some types of swimwear other than the usual swim trunks and board shorts, as it is essential to choose the right style for your own tastes, purpose and comfort. Generally, the best style is loose cut. But, there are still some other options that depend on function, length and the looseness you actually prefer for whatever activity you’re doing

Cool Swim Trunks

Very similar to normal casual shorts, cool swimming trunks have a tight fitted lining inside them, and are often made from fast drying nylon or polyester.

Square Cut Shorts

Just like those worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. A fitted style that covers the body from wait to upper thigh. It doesn’t reveal as much as angled swim briefs because of its square cut.

Swim dress for men

Swim Briefs

Speedos, tight shorts with a V-shaped front that bares the thighs, generally they have an interior lining.


A skin tight suit like those of water sport athletes and competitive swimmers.


Close-fitted suits made for prolonged periods of activity under water in order to reduce heat loss.

Rash Guard

These have a similar design to a wetsuit, but they have a looser fit and are made from a UV reflective fabric with an SPF rating.

rash guard for men

If you’re choosing to get board shorts, just keep the right length that fits your own height. If you’re a tall guy, you can take the shorts length down to the knees. But if you’re on the shorter side, shorter trunks will give your legs some additional length, and show off those muscles you’ve been working on at the gym.

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