How to choose a bathing suit for your body type

Not everybody understands how frustrating choosing the perfect bathing suit can be. Everything would be easier if all body shapes were the same. Unfortunately, there slender bodies, athletic, curvy, square, long, short, etc. This article will tell you how to choose a bathing suit for your body type.

Some stores are still using an old-fashioned body measurement that is useless when trying to buy the perfect swimming suit that fits your body in every single way. This task becomes frustrating when the person in charge does not understand how important this duty is.

Picking swimming suits
Let’s be clear, if you are reading this article you must have faced this problem. Of course, body shapes are different as we already mentioned, but this article presents a sort of tips to help you choose correctly.

Your body, yourself and this article will tell which bathing suits fit better. It does not matter if you are looking to cover something you don’t want to show, hide the desserts you ate or even if you need to have the girl well supported.

Are you ready to be part of the ultimate guide to help you decide the perfect bathing suit?

 Swimsuit for women with small breasts

One of the most difficult duties if your breast is small is finding the appropriate swimming suit. Experts in fashion recommend wearing a top with add-ons to create the illusion of having a larger breast size. If you are able to add some pads, this will help a lot.

Other options include choosing bras with ruffle trims which will make your shape look more attractive. In addition, small breasted women can always go for killer cleavages.

Swimsuit for flat buttocks

Having a flat booty does not mean it is not attractive, but we are trying to make it look bigger. The job will be done by some add-ons or prints that will avoid people staring at your buttocks. You can also pack a tiny swim suit since it is better to show than hide in this case.

Also, sporty bikinis, ruffle trims and brief cut high  suits will help giving you a more attractive look.

Swimsuit for large butt

Of course, this may be an issue! If you have a prominent backside, please avoid wearing tiny swimming suits as they can be uncomfortable and can be even annoying, if you know what I am talking about. Pack or buy a solid bottom suit which covers all the necessary area. You can enhance this illusion by wearing a printed top that will add equilibrium to your shape.

Also, dark colors such as black, crimson and dark blue can help conceal your buttocks. Usually people may insist that the best is going for one-piece swimming suits, but this may not always be the case, just look for the right design!

Swimsuit for large bust

Big breast: Anyone who reads big breast and swimming suit may think that everything is all right. No matter what, do not wear strings suits or small tops to have the girls tight. Instead, pack a thicker top with double straps that will provide enough support for your breast. This will avoid your girls moving up and down whenever you take a dip.

For athletic bodies: Some athletic bodies lose their curves because of the muscles. If this is your case, the choice you have is wearing a top with cups and bright colors. Pack a swimming suit with a joyful color or straight-shape pieces since this will affect your curves and will show your muscles even more.

Pregnant women

It is obvious that you do not want to be wearing something very tight since it is not recommended for your belly and baby. In this case it is better to pack a one-piece swimming suit. It will protect your belly, in some way, against direct sunlight. It is wide, and it helps to have an easy-protected access to your belly in case you need it.

Skin problems

Cellulite: This a serious topic. Cellulite does not appear in a specific body shape. It does not matter if you are tall, short, skinny, or curvy. Let see what we can do to cover this problem at the beach. The trick is very simple, go to store and get some tiny skirts for bathing. They are perfect and trending. Do not think this will keep away the eyes of everybody! Be creative and combine a tiny printed top with transparent straps.

Scars: Scars come and go – and we can not anticipate where they are going to appear. Do not misunderstand, this is easy to fix. There is a sort of bathing suits with amazing shapes or interesting cuts. Do not feel frustrated and be patient, you will find what you need to cover what you do not want to show.

Considerations according to body type

Short legs: This is not a problem, but longer legs look more attractive and provide the body a better look. And let´s be honest, everybody wants to look attractive when wearing a bathing suit. If this is your case, go for the suit with cuts in the legs. The less your legs are covered, the longer they will look. Are you able to buy a thong? Do it, this will double the result.

Short torso: Now that we have fixed the problem with short legs, let´s talk about short torsos. The game is the same; do not dare yourself to wear a top with low-rise shape. Instead, pack a small top with tiny straps or get those who let you put the string around your neck. If the strings are transparent, this will help a lot.

Broad shoulders: Do not worry if your body shape present broad shoulders. There is a simple trick you can do to avoid this. Pack a solid color top and make sure it has printed pieces at both sides. Why? This reduces the wide look of your upper body and add symmetry.

swim dresses for all body sizes

Last words

How to choose a bathing suit for your body type may be tiring and frustrating. It is just a matter of imagination and symmetry. Feel free to wear what you like the most, the more comfortable you feel, the more you will enjoy.

However, this advice will make your dip easier, enjoyable, relaxing, and secure. Pay special attention to the prices of the pieces – visit more than one store and feel confident to say no if you do not like what you see. Feel the materials and picture yourself wearing it before buying it.

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