Marysia swimming suits 2018

To go shopping for a swimming suit is one of the most amazing activities before vacations. Sometimes you feel frustrated at the moment you realized there is not a perfect piece to wear and, at the same time, you feel enthusiastic to find the adequate suit that best fit with your shape.

From the wide variety of items to choose, it is important to know which will fill what you are looking for. Body shape, adjustment, style, and comfort are elements difficult to find on a swimming suit.

Marysia swimming suits 2018 are the perfect swimsuits in terms of adjustability, style, color, and shapes. Your body will fit perfectly into the design as it is built to expand and then adjust to it. Marysia designs are supervised by fashion experts that know about trends and exigences for this kind of outfit.

Marysia 2018

Regardless of the lack diversity, style, color, and materials that many assemblers offer today (without the supervision of a certified designer) there are few brands that cover all your needs and one of them is Marysia swimming suits 2018.

Marysia swimming suits provide a delicate adjustment to your body and make you feel comfortable and safe. Because having refreshing dips in the ocean is not enough, having a gorgeous suit is the perfect element to complement your trip. Its constructions are supervised under the experts’ eyes; this means quality material and durable and flexible straps.

For two pieces siwmming suits the most popular ones are Scallope, Antibes and Honolulu. Each of these designs is playful with curved edges and solid colors. They are available in multiple solid colors.

Also, personally I find the Venice top, a really elegant twist.

Chriselle Lim Venice Bikini

This piece includes materials as high concentrated nylon and durable spandex in a sort classic colors. The contemporary style offered by Marysia designs promises to give a renewed and stylish look. Summer is near and the best choice you can have is wearing one of these pieces of art.

There are some important features that make Marysia swimming suits are the best option.

One of the main problems when you want to acquire a swimmer suit is fitting perfectly on it. Marysia designs attack are based on what customers need. Some areas of your body need to be softly compressed to model your shape. The imperfections are not allowed since they may cause damage to your skin.

It is extremely important to wear high quality materials. Marysia swimming suits are made from soft and light materials to reduce the weight so you feel comfortable when swimming or resting. This quality material will reduce the quantity of water absorbed.

Of course, you are not going to a competition, but you need to move freely. These pieces are made in a way you can walk and swim without having the sensation of wearing something heavy and tight.

All the mentioned above is in one place, Marysia. Do not think twice to get yours and start enjoying the beach and feeling the fashion adjusted to your body.

Onia swimming suits 2018

Summer is coming, and most people are still thinking of what to wear to look nice and feel conformable. The summer can not be enjoyed If you are distracted and worried about your outfit. Of course, you have a lot of choices among the sort of combinations like shorts and colorful jerseys. However, if you are considering changing your old swimsuit, you will probably be interested in taking a look to Onia swimming suits 2018.

Onia swimsuits start the new summer trend by presenting a fashion and stylish pieces of art. Men and women are all invited to find, among Onia’s huge collection, the perfect swimwear that best fits what they are looking for.

One piece Onia

From renovations on classic silhouettes to on-trend items, Onia has what you have been expecting from a swimsuit.

One one piece swimwear for women.  Characterized by neutral colors and simple designs, either with solid colors or in geometric patterns.

Onia has made it again

The new 2018 collection is targeted to everyone who wants to look nice and it promises to cover up all your demands. Even though summer is still far away from us, nothing can stop us from dreaming about the right swimwear. Do not worry, the new Onia collection pops up the perfect outfits for the beach.

From colorful pieces to warm colors, this collection will blow your mind. Inspired on retro shapes and stripes as well as strong and flexible materials, the new swimsuits will motivate you to throw away your old piece and buy an Onia swimwear to pack before booking in your favorite hotel.

Two piece swimwear for women. Most of the collection is composed by solid bright colors.

The new trends are invading the beaches and the stripes, one-piece, shorts, retro and shaped Onia’s swimsuits are the best choice to consent your body. It does not matter whether you like conservative or sexy outfits – colorful or traditional colors, Onia guarantees you will look like a supermodel when wearing the new 2018 collection that will never go out of style.


Onia swimsuits are just perfect for you since they are designed and manufactured thinking of your comfort. Say goodbye to loosen swimsuits because Onia adjusts perfectly to your body and it allows you to have better dips due to its durable construction materials. In most cases, whenever you enter to the beach, you are either moving or playing and all this activity may cause your swimsuit to get out of adjustment. Onia provides strong and flexible sewing to avoid this type of mishaps.

The new 2018 Onia swimming suits collection is here, and you can not miss the opportunity to have your piece. Men and women are now enjoying this beach outfit. Remember that going to the beach goes beyond having a dip as it is a matter of fashion and style – feeling comfortable, safe, and happy.

Trunks for men. Available in both, solid color or colorful patterns.

Put on your swimsuit and start enjoying your coming vacation by wearing the best pieces in the market. Onia swimming suits 2018 are more than summer clothes, they unite fashion, style, comfort, and durability into one swimsuit.

Solid and Striped: A new proposal in swimming suits

Throughout the pass of time, fashion swimming suits come and go as the summer arrives every year. Nobody will wear the same the following year as it will be considered old-fashioned and with lack of style. Yet there is something that has been there for over two years and it is increasing its popularity.

The solid and striped swimming suits came to stay. Everybody, including celebrities are wearing this fashion bathing suit every time they shot a picture at the beach or at their pool’s house. Its unique style and vibrant colors provide the perfect combination that most vacationers are looking for.

Solid and striped group

The solid and striped swimsuits collection is ready to blow your mind as it presents different colors and styles that go beyond regular swimsuits. The new generation of swimming outfits offers a variety of designs accompanied by fashion shapes that adjust to your curves perfectly. Forget about loosen material and poor colors. This is, for sure, your next swimsuit.

Solid and striped is a new swimsuits proposal and gained massive attention when celebrities started showing off their new swimsuits in their Instagram accounts. Nobody knows how this trend started exactly, but something everybody claims is the beauty and glamour that solid and striped suits provide to the ones who chose this style.

For example, in 2016 Olivia Culpo was spotted wearing a Poppy wrap one piece, and Anne Marie showed off her Anne-Marie in her Instagram account. And since several year Taylor Swift organizes her own 4th of July parties, in her Instagram you can find this picture of  Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift being patriotic and wearing the Jane’s Top and Bottom of Solid and Striped.

If we go further, Lea Michele appears wearing a Poppy Wrap in this excellent shot, and Hillary Duff was wearing the Morgan Top and Bottom in a visit to the beach in 2017. Emily Ratajkowski (middle, third picture) appears wearing also a Poppy Wrap, this is definitely one of the favorite pics of the celebrities.

Most Celebrities like it because it is swimming suit that goes against the common outfit and the one-piece that everybody knows. It adjusts to the body and can be found and so many different styles, colors, and brands. No matter the price, material, or designer – you will love it.

Solid and Striped is without doubts, one of the best choices for this year. Flexible and long-lasting. This are two of the adjective used to describe the main characteristics of its construction. Manufactures chose the perfect material to make this collection durable without losing the style. Most of the material used to build these pieces is carefully prepared to be exposed to sand and salty water without presenting any issue.

This summer outfit is not only affordable and easy to find, it is also available in a huge sort of styles and colors. It designs present shapes, figures and colors that other styles are not able to offer. There is no excuse for you to get one.

Your shape will look so fresh and stylish. Forget about the old-fashioned swimsuit and let your body be touched by the glamour of the solid and striped outfit. It is time to give your body something exclusive to wear. Summer is near, and the beach is about to become a fashion catwalk.

Solid and striped swimsuits are here to stay. If you are looking for a new, fresh, soft, and glamorous style, there is no doubt that this outfit is made for you. Do not worry about colors and shapes, solid and striped suits are manufactured thinking about different tastes.

solid and striped one piece

If you are planning your next beach vacation, then you should consider packing a solid and striped swimming suit. This is in fact, the celebrities official beach suit. Just take a look at the Instagram accounts of celebs to realize how this became a crucial part of their closets.

Now book in your favorite hotel, prepare your camera and pack one or two solid and striped swimsuit, and let the summer be part of you. This new trend is more than wearing a piece of cloth, it involves comfort, trend, and style into one piece of bath suit.

One-piece swimming suits

Swimming is on our nature. We have been swimming and enjoying the beach since many years ago. The first swimming places were made by the Romans the trend moved later to Asia and then extended through Europe.

At the beginning of the 19th century, hundreds of organizations supporting the swimming activity as a sport and recreation were founded in London. However, something was still missing, the swimming outfit. The swimming suit itself was not present until the 20th century. Until this point, people used to swim wearing long bloomers and long blouses (even shoes). Through the pass of the years, this practice became obsolete.

One piece swimming suits

Summer is coming, and most women have not decided what to wear at the beach. Fashion has influenced in such a way that there are hundreds of choices for swimming suits. Are you thinking of wearing a swimming suit? Here are some interesting facts that may help.

From tiny swimming suits to extravagant and decorated ones, this outfit for the beach has suffered many changes through the pass of the years. However, there is one style that will never die and, it has been recovering strength in 21st century, the one-piece swimming suits.

This swimming suit used to be addressed to women who were athletes, sun-contrary or those who were aware of showing some parts of their body.

One piece swimming suit

Nowadays the fashion market has invaded the stores with tons of outstanding one-piece swimming suits which are gaining popularity against the colorful sexy two-pieces outfit. It doesn’t matter if your look tends to be a little retro, the one-piece swimming suit adjust your figure to make it look slenderer and sexy.

This piece is of art was considered to be worn exclusively for competitive swimmers at the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, the fashion designers discovered that one-piece swimming suits fits perfectly with the exigences of having new styles.

If you are looking for a fresher style to stay on-trend and you are tired of the traditional styles perhaps you should consider getting a one-piece swimming suit. Trending magazines are publishing articles that support this statement.

Many women prefer this type of swimming suit as it offers a sort of styles. Designers focus their attention on the trending and even pay special attention to new fabrics. Textures and even colors.

Comfort is maybe the key point for women to wear a one-piece swimming suit. There is high technology behind the design and manufacturing of this outfit. Designers put their art into practice by using design software to create the perfect style right after the paper draft.

Once the desire look is made, the suit is adjusted onto a mannequin to make the final touches. The fabric, texture and colors are used to create the final draft and finally, the swimming suit is adjusted to a human model. In this way the designer gives the final magic.

Beyond being on fashion, a swimming suit must offer comfort and security. Whenever you buy it, make sure to see the quality and to choose the appropriate color that best fit your demands.

Since it was created, this outfit has not suffered any significant change. Many designers and manufacturers are now implementing new technologies to make the piece even more comfortable and durable as it is growing in popularity.

The one-piece swimming suit is back, and everybody is going to their favorite store to get it. Give yourself a try and see how this piece adjust perfect to your body while it provides security when swimming.

How to choose a bathing suit for your body type

Not everybody understands how frustrating choosing the perfect bathing suit can be. Everything would be easier if all body shapes were the same. Unfortunately, there slender bodies, athletic, curvy, square, long, short, etc. This article will tell you how to choose a bathing suit for your body type.

Some stores are still using an old-fashioned body measurement that is useless when trying to buy the perfect swimming suit that fits your body in every single way. This task becomes frustrating when the person in charge does not understand how important this duty is.

Picking swimming suits
Let’s be clear, if you are reading this article you must have faced this problem. Of course, body shapes are different as we already mentioned, but this article presents a sort of tips to help you choose correctly.

Your body, yourself and this article will tell which bathing suits fit better. It does not matter if you are looking to cover something you don’t want to show, hide the desserts you ate or even if you need to have the girl well supported.

Are you ready to be part of the ultimate guide to help you decide the perfect bathing suit?

 Swimsuit for women with small breasts

One of the most difficult duties if your breast is small is finding the appropriate swimming suit. Experts in fashion recommend wearing a top with add-ons to create the illusion of having a larger breast size. If you are able to add some pads, this will help a lot.

Other options include choosing bras with ruffle trims which will make your shape look more attractive. In addition, small breasted women can always go for killer cleavages.

Swimsuit for flat buttocks

Having a flat booty does not mean it is not attractive, but we are trying to make it look bigger. The job will be done by some add-ons or prints that will avoid people staring at your buttocks. You can also pack a tiny swim suit since it is better to show than hide in this case.

Also, sporty bikinis, ruffle trims and brief cut high  suits will help giving you a more attractive look.

Swimsuit for large butt

Of course, this may be an issue! If you have a prominent backside, please avoid wearing tiny swimming suits as they can be uncomfortable and can be even annoying, if you know what I am talking about. Pack or buy a solid bottom suit which covers all the necessary area. You can enhance this illusion by wearing a printed top that will add equilibrium to your shape.

Also, dark colors such as black, crimson and dark blue can help conceal your buttocks. Usually people may insist that the best is going for one-piece swimming suits, but this may not always be the case, just look for the right design!

Swimsuit for large bust

Big breast: Anyone who reads big breast and swimming suit may think that everything is all right. No matter what, do not wear strings suits or small tops to have the girls tight. Instead, pack a thicker top with double straps that will provide enough support for your breast. This will avoid your girls moving up and down whenever you take a dip.

For athletic bodies: Some athletic bodies lose their curves because of the muscles. If this is your case, the choice you have is wearing a top with cups and bright colors. Pack a swimming suit with a joyful color or straight-shape pieces since this will affect your curves and will show your muscles even more.

Pregnant women

It is obvious that you do not want to be wearing something very tight since it is not recommended for your belly and baby. In this case it is better to pack a one-piece swimming suit. It will protect your belly, in some way, against direct sunlight. It is wide, and it helps to have an easy-protected access to your belly in case you need it.

Skin problems

Cellulite: This a serious topic. Cellulite does not appear in a specific body shape. It does not matter if you are tall, short, skinny, or curvy. Let see what we can do to cover this problem at the beach. The trick is very simple, go to store and get some tiny skirts for bathing. They are perfect and trending. Do not think this will keep away the eyes of everybody! Be creative and combine a tiny printed top with transparent straps.

Scars: Scars come and go – and we can not anticipate where they are going to appear. Do not misunderstand, this is easy to fix. There is a sort of bathing suits with amazing shapes or interesting cuts. Do not feel frustrated and be patient, you will find what you need to cover what you do not want to show.

Considerations according to body type

Short legs: This is not a problem, but longer legs look more attractive and provide the body a better look. And let´s be honest, everybody wants to look attractive when wearing a bathing suit. If this is your case, go for the suit with cuts in the legs. The less your legs are covered, the longer they will look. Are you able to buy a thong? Do it, this will double the result.

Short torso: Now that we have fixed the problem with short legs, let´s talk about short torsos. The game is the same; do not dare yourself to wear a top with low-rise shape. Instead, pack a small top with tiny straps or get those who let you put the string around your neck. If the strings are transparent, this will help a lot.

Broad shoulders: Do not worry if your body shape present broad shoulders. There is a simple trick you can do to avoid this. Pack a solid color top and make sure it has printed pieces at both sides. Why? This reduces the wide look of your upper body and add symmetry.

swim dresses for all body sizes

Last words

How to choose a bathing suit for your body type may be tiring and frustrating. It is just a matter of imagination and symmetry. Feel free to wear what you like the most, the more comfortable you feel, the more you will enjoy.

However, this advice will make your dip easier, enjoyable, relaxing, and secure. Pay special attention to the prices of the pieces – visit more than one store and feel confident to say no if you do not like what you see. Feel the materials and picture yourself wearing it before buying it.

The Swimsuit Guide for EVERY Body Type

Having a different body shape can make choosing a swimsuit quite complicated, and sometimes it becomes a frustrating and even traumatic task. So, here is a swimsuit shopping guide for just about any body concern you could have. Whether to conceal cellulite, hide back fat or provide enough support for the girls, this guide will tell you what the best is for you.

The best swimsuit for your body

Ladies with small chests: If you want to look a little bustier in your bathing suit, choose a top with embellishments or ruffles to make your chest look larger. Or you can get a suit with padding in molded cups.

Ladies with huge chests: Obviously, string bikinis and bathing suit tops that come in sizes S, M and L are not a good choice. You need the support of cup sizes and underwire to keep your boobs in place. Also, thicker swimsuit straps and double-stitched bands could give more flattering (and more comfortable!) results.

all body sizes swim dress
Ladies with broad shoulders: Opt for a solid colored suit with some printed panels along the side to create an hourglass figure, or take one with an asymmetrical neckline instead of straight across.

Ladies with flat booties: Choose suits with bottoms in bright colors and loud prints, and showing a little cheek is also recommended to full-coverage bottoms.

choosing a swim suit
Ladies with big butts: Choose a swimsuit with enough fabric in the booty. Look for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops to balance out your big booty.

Ladies with compact, athletic bodies: To give the illusion of more curves, pick a top with cups, padding and ruching, and maybe girlie prints and bright colors.

extra size swim suit

Ladies with love handles: High-waist bottoms are key, it should extend above your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

Ladies with short torso: For balance, you’ll need to add length and lift the bust line, so go for low-rise bottoms to make your torso look longer.

Ladies with back fat: Find designs with thick straps and high backs to smooth your lumps and bumps.

Ladies with short legs: Suits with high cuts in the leg are the best for you. And you can go for a thong for optimal lengthening potential if it does suit you.

Ladies with full thighs: Pick bottoms with some more coverage, like bottoms with a skirt, to hide some of your upper leg.

Ladies with tummy pouch: go for a full-piece with ruching to help to hiding your stomach. Any one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline will keep the focus upwards.

Pregnant ladies: Look for tankinis. They will provide ample wiggle room, sun protection and easy access to your belly. Plus, it’ll be easier to go to the bathroom!

Ladies with cellulite: No matter if you’re slender, curvy, short, or tall, cellulite can always be there. If you can’t learn to love it, look for swim-dresses and tankinis with longer hemlines.

Do you have scars? Find a cropped top if you have scars on your chest, upper back or shoulders. And if you need full coverage while still showing some of skin you can pick suits with mesh insets or interesting cutouts.

fit black swim suit
Sun-sensitive ladies: Go for the long-sleeved tops! Rash guards are an effective and stylish option.

Basic Rules for Choosing Women’s Swimsuits

Choosing a bathing suit can be tough enough to leave you frustrated at the shop and take a serious blow to your self-esteem. Deciding what looks best on you and what you should or should not choose takes some experience. So, here are ten basic rules for you to remember when you go shopping for a new swimsuit.

10 rules for women’s swimsuit shopping

  • Get to know your own body shape. Once you do, you can find the proper swimsuit for your body. Highlight your favorite parts, conceal your not-so-favorite parts, be comfortable in your own skin and look hot and sexy on the beach.
  • You shouldn’t settle for anything that just fits – you should get a swimsuit that makes you look and feel great, you should love your body in it!

swim dresses for all body sizes

  • You should wear a swimsuit that fits well. Don’t take a too-small or a too-big swimsuit; it will look terrible no matter what your body type. Keep looking until you find the perfect suit for your body. You should look for the suit that shows off your assets, conceals your imperfections, and still lets you be as comfortable as possible.
  • extra large women swim dress pinkBe brave and try new swimwear styles. Even if you think that you are used to a certain style that looks great on you, you should try some new ones, and you could be surprised how perfectly it may fit! And you will always look fresh, elegant and fashionable.
  • Take good care of your swimsuit. It does a good job for you making you look fabulous, and salty water, chlorine and sun rays are harmful for your new favorite swimsuit. So, be gentle when you wash your suit after a long day at the beach or the pool. And follow the instructions of cleaning and drying them so they can look good on you longer.
  • You should have one white piece, at least. White swimsuits are chic and sophisticated, everything you look for in a swimsuit. And no, white is not just for skinny women!
  • Buy a new swimsuit at least once every other year. Swimsuits won’t stay good forever! As much as you use them, they will lose their elasticity and colors. So, you may use a suit for a year or two maximum, depending on how often you use it.
  • extra large women swim dress whiteBe sexy in your bathing suit. Either go bold, or go home! Don’t be afraid to show your body and be sexy more than you normally do. If you get any flak from anyone, it’s just because they’re jealous of your confidence.
  • Don’t be intimidated by your neighbor’s “perfect” bikini body. She might have worked really hard for her body and you can certainly admire her for working towards a goal. But you can still look amazing in your bikini or any bathing suit you choose. Just find the one that looks best on you and highlights your beautiful features.
  • You look better than you think in your swimsuit, if you know how to choose the right one. Changing rooms with awful fluorescent lighting do NOT paint an accurate picture.

Swimsuit Trends That Look Great On EVERYONE

Summer means hot, sunny beaches and days spent lounging by the pool. That means you need to put on a nice swimsuit and look great in it. Choosing the right one can be tough mission, which you need to be prepared for. So, here is a brief look on the best swimsuit trends that will look great on everyone.

Top swimwear trends this year

High-neck tops

high_neck_swim_suitThese high-neck swimsuits are ultra-flattering for all. Show off those shoulders with the high-neck halter top – these are actually the No. 1 bathing suit trend of the year!

Creative cutouts

Generally, wearing a “cutout one-piece” is not encouraging for those who usually like wearing a one-piece, as so-called “monokinis” look like a bikini tied together with random strings that can be a hassle to actually wear. Cutouts suits follow the natural body curves of women, and these suits will stay in place while swimming and splashing around.

Mix and match

Nothing’s better than a new swimsuit! But TWO new swimsuits, FOUR are even better! If you buy two new sets in complementary patterns and colors, then you’ll have a total of four combinations.


Frilly and feminine

High-Waisted-Skirt-SwimsuitRecently, new trends of swimsuits are using lingerie details like sheer panels, pretty Swiss dots, lace edging, and sweet scalloping. You’ll only need to be sure that your swimsuit material isn’t as delicate as lingerie, or it will start melting as soon as you touch the water.

80’s style

Just like in Bay Watch, these suits always look good! For both men and women.

Uniquely utilitarian

These are super simple functional clothing with no frills. They have been trending for a few seasons now, and their swimwear incarnation is beautifully simple, with beautiful small details such as zippers, buttons, or ribbing.

Halter necks

Halter necks is trending now in a two-piece or one- piece suits. The trick is to get it in a bold color rather than a busy pattern.

Full coverage

Long sleeve one piece swimsuitFor ladies who prefer avoiding the sun, a bathing suit with long sleeves is the best choice. This option looks like a bodysuit, and is a practical fashion trend for beach lovers. A high-quality bodysuit with SPF technology will absorb sweat and keep you cool, in addition to the protection from sunburns.

Sporty details

The sporty suit is already considered a stylish option for any beach day. Mesh paneling, color blocking, racerbacks, zippers and more sporty details make the swimsuit look better than you think.

High-rise bikinis

This throwback silhouette is back this season, and it creates an hourglass shape on curvy and athletic body types. It’s also great for concealing love handles and preventing a muffin top!

Off-shoulder or one shoulder

A bikini or one-piece swimsuit can look extra sophisticated by adding a simple asymmetric design or one sleeve addition. To make this suit look even better, try to pair it with a skirt. The one-shouldered swimsuit style is a bold trend that makes a big impact without making you feel weird.