swim dresses for all body sizes

Basic Rules for Choosing Women’s Swimsuits

Choosing a bathing suit can be tough enough to leave you frustrated at the shop and take a serious blow to your self-esteem. Deciding what looks best on you and what you should or should not choose takes some experience. So, here are ten basic rules for you to remember when you go shopping for a new swimsuit.

10 rules for women’s swimsuit shopping

  • Get to know your own body shape. Once you do, you can find the proper swimsuit for your body. Highlight your favorite parts, conceal your not-so-favorite parts, be comfortable in your own skin and look hot and sexy on the beach.
  • You shouldn’t settle for anything that just fits – you should get a swimsuit that makes you look and feel great, you should love your body in it!

swim dresses for all body sizes

  • You should wear a swimsuit that fits well. Don’t take a too-small or a too-big swimsuit; it will look terrible no matter what your body type. Keep looking until you find the perfect suit for your body. You should look for the suit that shows off your assets, conceals your imperfections, and still lets you be as comfortable as possible.
  • extra large women swim dress pinkBe brave and try new swimwear styles. Even if you think that you are used to a certain style that looks great on you, you should try some new ones, and you could be surprised how perfectly it may fit! And you will always look fresh, elegant and fashionable.
  • Take good care of your swimsuit. It does a good job for you making you look fabulous, and salty water, chlorine and sun rays are harmful for your new favorite swimsuit. So, be gentle when you wash your suit after a long day at the beach or the pool. And follow the instructions of cleaning and drying them so they can look good on you longer.
  • You should have one white piece, at least. White swimsuits are chic and sophisticated, everything you look for in a swimsuit. And no, white is not just for skinny women!
  • Buy a new swimsuit at least once every other year. Swimsuits won’t stay good forever! As much as you use them, they will lose their elasticity and colors. So, you may use a suit for a year or two maximum, depending on how often you use it.
  • extra large women swim dress whiteBe sexy in your bathing suit. Either go bold, or go home! Don’t be afraid to show your body and be sexy more than you normally do. If you get any flak from anyone, it’s just because they’re jealous of your confidence.
  • Don’t be intimidated by your neighbor’s “perfect” bikini body. She might have worked really hard for her body and you can certainly admire her for working towards a goal. But you can still look amazing in your bikini or any bathing suit you choose. Just find the one that looks best on you and highlights your beautiful features.
  • You look better than you think in your swimsuit, if you know how to choose the right one. Changing rooms with awful fluorescent lighting do NOT paint an accurate picture.

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